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Mnet Financial is a privately-held company that exclusively specializes in collecting receivables for providers of health care. Mnet Financial offers the complete package to their clients by furnishing patients with payment solutions prior to the collection process as well as resolving bad debt through the assistance of our full service collection agency.

Mnet Financial is very different than any other collection agency. We are well known throughout the health care world for our patient-friendly approach to collections and the focus of our talent is on resolving medical bills. We understand the needs of patients and providers because we only work in the field of health care.

Because we only work in health care collections, our representatives understand how to read an explanation of benefits (EOB) and can help patients to understand what has been covered by their insurance and what portion of the bill is the patient's responsibility. Our representatives take pleasure in helping the patient to understand their medical bill and they recognize the value of the relationship that has developed between the patient and their medical provider.

Mnet is the premier collection vendor of choice for those who want their money collected and their patients treated with the utmost in care. We currently serve more than 600 ambulatory surgery centers and outpatient hospitals throughout the United States.